How to join a Webinar

If the registration process was performed correctly, you will receive an email containing the link to join the webinar. To join a Zoom Webinar you will simply click on the URL included in the confirmation that will be sent to you! On the morning of the webinar, you will receive also an email reminder. If this is your first Zoom webinar, you may be prompted to download the software to run the webinar. If you are unable to download the Zoom client because of IT policies you can click on the link to join from your browser, but it is recommended for you to join via the Zoom client so you have all of the features available to you for the webinar. All attendees can enter this link using the email address given during registration and writing their full name. Please note that your link is individual and should not share with other people. You can join the webinar few minutes before the official starting: a welcome message will inform you that the webinar will start soon.

Once the Zoom client opens, you could be prompted to select your audio conference preference. By selecting Computer Audio, all the audio will be transmitted through your computer. On the basis of your client zoom setting this step could not be required.


What you need

  • An internet-connected computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone (find the app on the App Store or Android store) https://zoom.us/download
  • Webinar ID number or email link
  • Headset or ear buds
  • Microphone or webcam with microphone (this is necessary if you want ask question in person)

The Zoom webinar – Attendees

Now that you are connected to the webinar you will be able to view and listen to the speakers’ presentation. You also have the ability to send questions to the speaker through raising your hand and be allowed to speak by the chairperson. All of these options are located in the tool bar at the bottom of the webinar screen.



This is the basic interface. You may see the ISOS2021 logo, a video feed of the host(s) and panelist(s) or a screen-share from one of the hosts.



The user control panel is located in the bottom of the Zoom webinar interface and has 5 options:
1. Join Audio (Audio Settings)

  1. Chat
  2. Raise Hand
  3. LEAVE Button (never press it!)


  1. Audio settings: All the required settings can be found here for customization, including audio and video settings. The ability to test your audio and video feeds are also here. We recommend all webinar participants test their audio and video before the webinar proceeds to ensure your sound is on, and that you can enter into dialog if necessary.
  2. Chat: When you click the chat icon, the chat window will pop up on the right side of your screen if you are not in full screen mode. If you are full screen mode, it will open in a window that you can move around your screen. You can type your message into the chat window and press Enter to send your message. Click on the drop down menu next to “To:” to change whom you are sending this message to. As a panelist, you can send a message to all panelists, all attendees and panelists, or an individual (some limitation could be applied). If you receive a message when you do not have the chat window open, you will receive a notification at the bottom of your screen. 
  1. Raise your Hand: At the bottom of the window on the right side of the screen, click the button labeled “Raise Hand.” Your virtual hand is now raised. Lower it by clicking the same button, now labeled “Lower Hand.” If you’ll be accepted by the host, you are temporary added as a panelist. This will turn on your audio and video feeds for the attendees. Use this option as necessary, such as when you have a large comment to make or a detailed question to ask.

The Zoom webinar – Oral Speakers and Chairpersons

In addition to what said before, any speaker will receive in his/her e-mail box a specific link to access the proper conference room with panelist (speakers and chairpersons) privileges.  We kindly ask all oral speakers to connect 15 minutes before the beginning of his/her presentation, at least.  During the open discussion, chairperson will read to the speaker (who has activated his/her microphone/camera) one or more questions made by the attendees through chat on zoom or the attendee will be temporarily enabled to ask live their question. We kindly ask to the chairperson to call the name of the attendee selected for the live question and to check the chat box for further communication from technical support. We remind all the speakers that they will have panelist privileges only during the day of their presentation and only in the related session. In the other days and/or rooms, they should follow the above-mentioned indications for attendees.


Download Zoom Instruction